Covid vaccines

Covid vaccines at Holsworthy

Holsworthy is our hub site offering Covid vaccines to the local area. This is for patients registered at Holsworthy, Hatherleigh, Stratton, Neetside and Bradworthy surgeries. We are no longer providing first doses. If you still require a first dose, please call 119 to book at a Mass Vaccination Site. 

Please find below our proposed dates for the rest of our second doses. These are subject to change. The 14th August is now open to book into. This clinic is for those who had a Pfizer vaccine on or before 19th June. We are unable to give a vaccine with less than an 8 week wait. The September clinics will be booked into from 3 weeks in advance. After these dates, we will not be offering any more clinics at this site. If you are unable to make our dates, please call 119 to book at a Mass Vaccination Site. The dates are based on 8 weeks between doses, and without a medical reason, the gap will not be reduced. To book, please call 01409 255254. 

Date Vaccine type
14th August Pfizer
4th September Pfizer 
11th September Pfizer


Errors with your vaccinations

Vaccinations given here

If there is an error with your vaccine records and it was given by us, please call 01409 255254 and tell us about this issue. We can amend the error the same day, which will update on the national system within 24 hours. 

Vaccines given elsewhere

We are unable to change vaccine records completed elsewhere. If you have an issue with a record that was given at a different site, please contact that site to have any errors amended. If you are unable to contact the site who gave you the vaccine, please do contact us. We might be able to get in touch with NHS Colleagues at other sites to have records amended. We will need details of your vaccines, including location, date, vaccine type and batch number. Having a record amended can take a long time, so please be patient with us. Once the record is amended, it will take 24 hours to update on the national system. 

Vaccines given in other parts of the UK should soon be flowing into the English NHS System soon. At the start of August, there will also be a central team set up to take all vaccination entry queries, but there is not confirmed date yet. 

NHS Covid Pass

The NHS Covid Pass can be found on your NHS App. If you have vaccine records, or a positive test to Covid, you can receive a Covid Pass. This is to be used when travelling, and may be used for more in the future (events, nightclubs etc). The NHS Covid Pass is seperate to our clinical system, so if there is a technical issue we are unable to help. Please dial 119 if there is an issue with your Covid Pass. 

For those who had their vaccines abroad we are unable to link your vaccine to the Covid Pass. There is an update that is planned for later this year to pick up vaccines in medical records as well as those given on site. We do not know when this is going to happen. In preperation, we are able to put vaccines given abroad onto your medical record. This will not be picked up until the update. We have also been told there is work being completed to form a national team to deal with any queries regarding this, but we have no further information on this yet. 

If you need a paper vaccine record, please call 119. We are unable to supply any form of Covid Pass. 


Booster vaccines are planned for the Autumn of this year. This is expected to be a third dose offered to those aged over 50 and those with underlying health conditions. We have no further information as to how this will happen, who will be eligible, or how this will interact with the flu vaccine. We will update this page and our Facebook page as we know more.